Weddings & Married Life!

Wedding is the most sacred man made relation on earth. All other relations are God made where we are not given the freedom of choice. God only permitted us to choose our spouse. As per our customs, marriage oath is taken in front of fire, the most sacred amongst the five elements & with the chanting of holy shlokas. In this relationship, husband needs to be committed & wife needs to be devoted. Sincerity, love & care between both the partners take us from body to the soul evolvement level. A man takes care of the welfare of family, wife & work. Wife apart from some of them who earn looks after her husband, family & children. She loves her husband whole heartedly.
One should not get into this relationship with any doubt & reservations. If you give your 100%, God will return your dedication to you in one way or the other. Doubt, suspicion & reservation will lead you nowhere. If anything is hidden, it will come out over a period of time.
Mira was an example of height of devotion to her husband & God. Her husband, Rana did not like her & gave her a glass of Vish (Poison). Mira drank it & it turned into Amrut (Nectar). This was how God helped her. The giver is always the winner. By giving your cent percent, if the receiver is at fault, he / she cannot digest taking anymore. Be truly committed. This way, if the receiver is at fault, he will get tired of being loved by you & his / her fault will come out on its own. My young folks, give full to your life & spouse. God will be with you.
This relation is the one with big compromise. The reality of life will totally kill your fantasy. God has some purpose for getting you in a relation with someone. If you are true to this relation, you will become the true child of God. I had 31 years of my committed life to my wife. My wife was never late for my morning cup of tea. Never even once did she show signs of laziness to prepare meals or go out grocery shopping.

Saying this, I would like to give a few tips.

To the husbands:

  • Please remain committed to your wife towards her love & care to you as she has left everything behind for you.
  • Between your wife & your family, you look after your family keeping your wife as a priority.
  • Never ever abuse or hurt your wife in front of family & friends.
  • Never have a double life. It will kill the entire aura of your relation & you will reach nowhere.
  • Maintain body relation with love & care & don’t force yourself on her. I’ve heard women saying that their duty for the day is over & have the night duty to fulfill. Her love to you should not become her duty to love you.
  • Never ask your wife about her past life & never doubt her.
  • If you are into a joint family business, please see that your wife gets her day to day & overall need from you.

To the wives:

  • Please please love your husband to the fullest with your body, heart & soul. God has permitted you to submit yourself to your husband without any guilt.
  • Please do not be rigid in love making because of parental, religion & surrounding Sanskaras. Lack of your free love, resistance, disliking will draw your husband away from you.
  • Man has a crucial duty to take care of his own family, work & you. Please co-operate with him.
  • When your husband tries to share something, please do not ignore him.
  • Never ask your husband about his past life & please do not doubt him.
  • If you find something bothering you too much, you must speak to your parents or someone you trust.
  • To some extent, you should give some freedom to your husband.
  • 9 Having a good life with your children & family please do not ignore your husband.
  • Last but not the least to say; please look after yourself in terms of fitness & grace. You’re surely to be loved by all.

Earning young ladies please note: if you’re earning, it’s a little difficult to manage between work & home. You require a real good support. Please do not take toll of your health. You are not a robot to take care of your work, your husband, your children, your family, & home.

That’s all to say with an intention to guide my young folks to lead a better, clean, happy & healthy married life & to evolve each one of you from body to higher conscience level. Wish you all a very happy married life.

God bless you all. With love

Om Sai Ram
Jai Jinendra
Jai Shree Krishna

Deepak Shah

P.S. I sincerely request the readers to leave a comment once they have read the article. Thank you.


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Parent-child relations

The lifeline of all other relations – The most crucial one!

A parent-child relationship is one of the very first God made relation. It begins with the cry of a child and the smile of a mother. As per our Karmic account, we get parents and family, religion and culture, and so on. It is more a relationship between the mother and child, as the father remains a catalyst.

Some child grows with love and freedom, and some with fear and anxiety. The aura of a parent in the house has a lot of subtle influence on the growth of a child. Parents either bring up the child with love and care, or just do it out of their duty. Subsequently, the child either forms a good bond with the parent or remains detached and grows.

My young friends, all of you have your own good and bad memories of childhood. Nowadays, as children grow, majority form a distance from their parents. They look for some love, care, and warmth outside their own family. You also have studies, career and lifes own problems. Parents, beyond a point, are helpless out of their own limitations and socio-economic pressures.

However majority of parents wish to have children under their own judiciary. At times, the house becomes a mere shelter and parents become just a duty. My young friends, focus yourselves on your own strength and confidence. Don’t get stuck under parental emotions.

Once a disciple’s education is complete, the Guru allows him to live his own life, blessing the disciple, and letting him fight his own life battle. Likewise, respect and love your parents, but fight your own battle.

Parents also should let their adult child go and explore his own life. Parents have given you what they could. Guru Drona imparted training to Arjuna and made him a great warrior. Parent-child should be like guru-disciple. Today’s young generation needs some good direction.

God is the guide and Supreme father. Your connection to God is not lost. Make it stronger.

HE will be your guide & guru.

HE will help you fight and cross this ocean of life.

I strongly suggest to light one candle every morning. Pray before you leave your house. Say what you want and accept what you get. Last but not least, irrespective of what your parents have done for you, in their last leg of life, give them love and warmth. At times, parents also realise their own fallacy, but they do not have the courage to say, ‘Sorry my child. You’re great!’

Unsatisfied childhood makes you grow, but satisfied parents makes you grow twice as strong.

My young friends, it is all a win-win situation for you. Every relation in life has its own limitations. Nothing beyond, only God is an exception.

Wish all of you the best in life. God bless all.

Love & Om Sai Ram

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Love Beyond..

There is no opposite of unconditional love. There is otherwise, love-hate, like-dislike, happy-unhappy & so on. Unconditional love is an absolute one. It is beyond mind & body, heart to heart & soul to soul.

God has provided us with various mortal (human being, person) love relationships. This is to feel His love & to be able to reach to Him.

Today’s most young lovers are only looking to get love & are very possessive. But try giving first. By giving, two things will happen:

-God will return His love to you in one form or another which would be beyond mortal love.

-If your partner does not truly love you, over a period of time, will get fed up by getting & getting love from you. Extra dose of your love will make him / her uncomfortable & may result in him leaving you. Let go of him. He wasn’t worthy of being around you. Keep trying till you find your true love.

Here I’d like to narrate a beautiful story of Laila & Majnu. They were such true lovers that once when Laila got lost, Majnu went mad. The King became curious to see the beauty of Laila. He ordered his army to hunt for Laila & present her before him. Looking at the shabby Laila, the King asked Majnu what was so great about her Laila. He offered Majnu to get him married to one of the most beautiful ladies of his Kingdom. Majnu politely refused, bowed his head & replied to the king that in order to see the beauty of his Laila, he needed Majnu’s eyes..

This is true love my young friends. Search for a true loving partner.

If not, then love God. It may take its own time to build the connection with Him. Once it’s built, it will last forever. Entire mortal love will come as a package to you.

To find your true love, let Lord Shiva, & His beloved, Parvati Jee bless you all.

Love & Om Sai Ram

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Friendship’s Day!

Friendship’s Day – Sunday 1st August, 2010

With Friendship’s Day being right around the corner, just thought of penning down a few of my thoughts on ‘friendship’

“When you rise up, your friends know who you are.
When you fall, you know who your friends are.”

Before I begin, I’d like to say these are just my thoughts & not meant to harm anyone.

1: First priority in life is to be sincere to your own studies or profession & to your own near      family followed by the priority of having a true friend.
2: There should be no cheating in friendship.
3: No guilt in friendship
4: It should be an enjoyable relation
5: It generally works on the principle of give & get.

This is one of the most prevailing man made relations of present times. It is made at school, college, work & at the social level. Present day friendship is based on outlook rather than inner depth. Expectations start from day 1 rather than to give something & to be happy. Most of the times, one partner tries & influence their own thinking on the other one rather than giving space & freedom. True friends should not be scared of the other one & should not feel the need to prove oneself to the other. This is the only relation which has no pre shaped conditions. It is where you know that you can definitely count on them in times of need. If someone cannot do anything for their friend during a crisis, he can at least help by making a sincere prayer. A devoted prayer for others is always heard by the Almighty.

This relation is similar to the relation a child & mother tortoise share whereby the child tortoise can remain hungry for days by a mere glance of his mother on other side of the river. This relation is not based on caste, religion, social & material status. It is one of the finest relations between two or more hearts & can go higher up to the soul level. The most important base on which any true friendship lies is faith & honesty between beings. Many a times, when friends for years turn to being a couple, their relation fails. The reason could be the lack of honesty in friendship.

An example I’d like to quote here is of Lord Krishna & his poor school friend, Sudama. Lord Krishna was ready to give Sudama half of His kingdom to rule & enjoy his life. But Sudama remained unperturbed of his friend’s wealth. After years of separation when they met, Sudama offered a small bag of rice to Lord Krishna as a gift. Lord Krishna out of his friendly devotion accepted it with tears in his eyes.

This is friendship my young folks!
Either find true friends or remain without friends like me.
Learn to be alone rather than being lonely.
If you do not have true friends, make God your friend. Try & talk to Him. Atleast he will listen to you. He will also give you an answer, not what you like but what He likes & what He thinks is good for you.

Let God bless you all on Friendship’s day for good health, wisdom, & with a hope that all of you find your true friends.

Love & Om Sai Ram.

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Hello world!

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